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 Darussalam: A School of Masses

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PostSubject: Darussalam: A School of Masses   Sun May 15, 2011 9:53 pm

Historical Background

Kutawato Darussalam College, Inc., Cotabato City was formerly Ma'had Kuwato Al-Islamie.  It was established in 1979.  Sheikh Omar Pasigan and Sheikh Ali Abdulaziz Naga was the founding president and director respectively.  Sometime in 1999, Sheikh Omar Pasigan retired due to old age.  Dr. Dingan Ali replaced the founding president.  In 2000 due to the expansion of program, Dr. Dingan Ali changed the name of the school to Mahad Kutawato College, Inc., with the same address.  Later Dr. Dingan Ali was elected president of Cotabato City State Polytechnic College, Cotabato City.  He was forced to resign in favor of his new position and responsibility.  Dr. Abdulmannan L. Gayak took the vacuum as OIC President.  Due to overload of assignments, Dr. Gayak waived his right to Dr. Rastan K. Manan.  Thus on October 10, 2003, Dr. Manan assumed the presidency of the school. The name of the school was again changed to Kutawato Darussalam College, Inc., due to the redundancy of word used.  The word ma'had has the same meaning and connotation with college.  Thus on April 30, 2005 SEC registration number 200526690 was issued in favor of Kutawato Darussalam College, Inc., Cotabato City.  Thus the present name Kutawato Darussalam College, Inc., Cotabato City.

General Guiding Principles

Its philosophy adheres to the concept that true system of education shall completely develop man as vicegerent of Allah on earth, and shall enhance complete way of life.  Its envisions that the school shall be a model institution of learning which may produce a versatile man.  Its mission is centered to servitude of Allah, man and community.  Its goals centered to train, develop, and bring-up a virtuous man as vicegerent of Allah on earth, and shall develop a development oriented individual.  Its objectives are centered to provide a competent manpower and human resources, and updated technology transfer, academic-vocational-technical trainings, seminars, lectures and other related and relevant disciplines.

Concept on Establishment

The organizers (pioneering officials) conceptualized the establishment of the school into two major reasons:  (a) to offer correct system of education for the Moro nation (Bangsamoro) (b) to bridge the gap between two opposite systems of education, that is, Philippine Educational System, and Muslim Educational System).  Although,  the school is basically and popularly viewed as Muslim school (sectarian); but it purpose is for the development of the Moro nation (Bangsamoro) regardless of socio--political-cultural-religious affiliation.  The school is open for both  Moro and Muslim Moro.


The present school site was donated by the late Hadji Zailon Angkal; a ten thousand (10,000) square meters lot, situated at Campo Muslim, Mother Barangay (MB),  Bagua, Cotabato City.


Presently, the school is offering the following programs:  For Arabic Instruction: KD 1 and KD 2, complete elementary, complete intermediate, and complete secondary, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Da'wah, and Bachelor of Sharia.  For English Instruction: KD 1 and KD 2, complete elementary, complete secondary, Bachelor of elementary Education (BEED), major in Social Studies, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) major in management, Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSE), major in Social Studies.

Legal Authorities

The school itself was registered to Securities and Exchanged Commission (S.E.C), Davao Office, Davao City on April 30, 2005; registration number 200526690.  The basic education programs are operating under recognition status.  Its tertiary program (Bachelor of elementary Education) is operating recognition status.  Bachelor of Seconday Education and Bachelor of Business Administration are operating under permit status.

Plans and Programs

Under Educational Plan of 2008, known as KDCI 2020, the school is strengthening its current programs.  Insa Allah, the school shall add its academic-vocational-technical
programs prioritizing the direct needs of the community based on present demand of
time.  The general concept thereto defined in the Plan are programs which simply supports, and implements the established general principles.

Community Relations

The school is active partner in any community activities, and even active supporter of the government especially in its election process.  The school is serving the government as one of the voting centers in the City of Cotabato.  Parents and Teachers Association, and KDCI Alumni Association were established; and are presently working side-by-side with the school administration for the welfare of the constituents of the school;  and to attain the noble purpose of the school.


The school is observing the management principle called consultative and coordination (participative) system.  The school has two major branches:  policy making branch, and the executive branch.  The policy making branch better known as Board of Trustees (BOT) is responsible of making policy(s), and resolving issues which may affect the operation of the school.  The executive branch is responsible in the implementation of plans and programs; and the policy(s) ruled-out by the BOT.  The executive branch is headed by the president; assisted by departments heads and unit heads.
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Darussalam: A School of Masses
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